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There are a total of 5 staff groups; with a total of 16 staff members.

Site Owner

Always on hand and quite approachable. The site owner works pretty much everywere!  Don't hesitate to contact if you feel the need. She can also balance (1x2)-1 less fruitcakes than there are "gray" items on the site on her head!

Zarabeythe - Site Owner


Coders help us keep things working and are always hard at work behind the scenes on new and exciting features!

Geekgirl - Server Admin


They patrol the forums and keep us all safe, they are our defenders and champions; our moderators.

Olathe - Moderator
Raichurules - Moderator

Artistic Team Members

The art and writing around the site doesn\'t just appear out of thin air. They may make it look that easy, but these guys spend a lot of time working on everything you see!

Crow - Shady
Laufeyson - I Do What I Want!
Spot - Artist

Writing Team Members

Have you seen an item descrition that just made you giggle? Or have the plot suspense moments really kept you tuned in?

You can thank these brilliant people for that!

Fallout - Lone Wanderer
Fish - Writer
Scientist - Hero of Hyrule
Xeiana - Queen of the Rollbacks