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Infestation is Mistica's equivalent of Valentine's Day in that mythical "real world".  This is the time of year that small, adorable critters known as cooties and lovebugs infect the site, the members, and their pets.


The vast majority of Infestation items are cooties and lovebugs.  However, there are many notable exceptions.  I will be putting those here.  Cooties and Lovebugs can be viewed in the section below.

(Glomp Card, Hugs Heart Candy, Spoon of Love, Heartcake, Purple Love Bowl)

-Cooties and Lovebugs-

Cooties and Lovebugs, as mentioned above, are the main focus during this celebration.  Each year, they are acquired in various ways such as tossing or appearing randomly on the screen.  Here are some cootie examples:

(Puckerfish, Misfortunate, Okapi, Hartwing, Bam)

And some Lovebug examples:

(Luvlite, Kapiah, Shyguy, Lovebuz, Love Bug)

After a good amount are obtained, by the overall memberbase, then they begin to bite.  This gives your affected pets a heart overlay that will remain there until they are cured.

(Heart Pet Overlay)

However, there are ways to keep them away and to cure the sicknesses.  The cootie shot and lovebug spray will keep them away from you.  Additionally, pets can be cured using sweets or love potions.  However, you can also attract them by using the lovebug net or cootie trap box.

(Cootie Shot, LoveBug Spray, Lovebug Net, Cootie Trap Box, Love Potion)


2009 (February 10th - February 23rd)
This year was the first Infestation and it was a blast.  Members were able to toss cooties and lovebugs at eachother in a competition based on the most overall cooties and lovebugs thrown.  The lovebugs had an early lead, but the cooties quickly surpassed them.  Along the way, a bunch of holiday items and banners were released.  In the end, the cooties won with 7156 of them in circulation vs. lovebugs with 5140.

2010 (February 10th - February 18th)
In 2010, Infestation got kicked off with a running start.  The old cooties and lovebugs made thieir annual return along with some new arrivals.  Tossing continued, with an added feature of being able to toss using icons on the forums.  The heart overlays were released and appeared on pets when they were bitten.  Additionally, a ton of other Infestation items were released.

2011 (February 3rd - February 16th)
Infestation started right away this year.  The cooties and lovebugs made their return, again with some new ones in the mix.  Cards and heart candies were also released for members to collect and send to their friends.  The bugs kept biting and the heart overlays continued to appear.  At the end of the celebration, everyone got a trophy and prizes were awarded to those whom collected the most cooties and lovebugs.  In the end, 5678 lovebugs were in circulation vs. 12732 cooties.

2012 (February 10th - February 20th)
This year, the cooties and lovebugs returned a little later, and with several new ones making their first appearances. New candies were released in the heart candy boxes for members to send off to friends. Many new wearables with an Infestation/love theme were released for members to enjoy and put onto their legendaries. On the last main day of the events, the Hug Bug made the announcement that members could turn in their collected cooties and lovebugs for Infestation Potions, which could transform their pets into an "infested" theme. (Only half of the pets are available this year.) Trophies were awarded for all members who have participated.

2013 (Feb. 5th - 18th)
Infestation is back and the lovebugs and cooties are loose once again on Mistic! Some bran new lovebugs and cooties jumped in to join the fun along with some of the shopkeepers who stocked new items such as, cards, new pals, flowers, clothes for legendaries and even a brand new mistical lovestruck egg. Dr. Erlenmeyer even opened up her own pal quest with neat science items the users could collect. Towards the end of this glorious celebration the rest of the infestation themed pets were released so that all mistica could enjoy.

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