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Sprite / Imp War

Sprite and Imp War

(May or June - July or August)



Unlike most Mistican holidays, the Sprite/Imp War is not based on any holiday from that distant planet we call Earth.  This holiday is infact, not a holiday at all.  Rather, it is a playful war between two of Mistica's humanoid species- the Sprites and the Imps.  Each year, members have the option to choose their team and battle it out for the win.



During the Sprite/Imp War, each team has its own items.  The Sprite items are usually rainbow colored, like the Daydream theme while the Imp items resemble the Nightmare theme.  Here are some Sprite item examples:

Daydream Darkseed, Daydream Sprite Plushie, Sprite Tail and Wings, Daydream Flushie, Daydream Govix

And here are some Imp item examples:

Noxious Imp Musk, Nightmare Pomme, Imp Claw Gloves, Nightmare Idle, Nightmare Tanoo


-Pet Themes-

During the Sprite/Imp War, there are two pet themes that make their appearance.  Daydreams are often associated with Sprites and Nightmare with Imps.  Here are some pet previews.  The complete list can be viewed on the HelpSite under Pets.

Daydream Pets

Daydream Zisscor, Daydream Anya

Nightmare Pets

Nightmare Gourix, Nightmare Comeil



Mistica's goddes makes yet another appearance for the Sprite/Imp War.  She usually comes at the end to tell everyone to stop fighting.

Prince Arman and Princess Aislin
These royal twins are the rulers of the Sprite community.

King Mephitic
King Mephitic is the king of the Imps.

The shopkeeper of Forest Misticpals often finds himself with his hands full during the War.  In addition to selling Daydream and Nightmare Pals, he sometimes goes on special missions for the Sprites.

Trixxi is perhaps the most mischevious Imp of them all.  She often stays in the background, but when she appears, you know she has something up her sleve.



2009 (May 25th - July 11th)
This year was the first Sprite/Imp War.  Members chose to be either Sprites or Imps and then proceeded to prank eachother by pressing special buttons on the profiles of members on the other team.  Tons of Daydream and Nightmare items were released as well, most of which were (adorable?) pals.  In July, the War came to a close upon Pandoria's request.  The Sprites won after pranking the most.  All members of both teams gained indivudual participation points to spend in a special plot items related shop. Both teams members got trophies and avatars.

2010 (June 17th - August 26th)
In 2010, the Sprites and Imps went extreme.  Instead of simply pranking like the year before, they began by hoarding gold ores and turning them in to their team for points.  Then, in order to keep the gold safe, they restocked and turned in building materials to build a team stronghold.  However, members of the opposite team could still sneak in and steal gold if they wore a disguise and followed the clues to the location of the other fortress.  In addition, more Daydream and Nightmare pals were released as well as a variety of other items.  In the end though, the Imps won.All members gain indivudual participation points to spend in a special plot items related shop. Like 2009, the War ended with trophies for everyone who participated.

2011 (August 3rd - September 23rd)
2011 introduced Joel, a young man attempting to marry Princess Alana.  Assisted by the sprite Aibrean, he had to complete tasks such as creating a throne of flowers, clothes for the wedding, and food for the banquet.  However, King Mephitic also set his sights on the princess and was doing his best to complete Joel's tasks so that he could have Alana instead.  This year, Misticans chose to either aid Joel (Sprite team) or King Mephitic (Imp team).  In the end, however, it was the Sprites that won.  All members, of both teams gained indivudual participation points to spend in a special plot items related shop. The plot concluded with the release of the Legendary system.

2012 (May 14th - June 6th)
Pandoria found herself being overcome by a strange and unexpected weakness. Misticans came to her home to inform her of the tragic disasters striking the land. Iztair Ruins were almost completely buried under dust storms that ravaged through the desert. Eventually, other Mistican lands were overtaken as well. We were introduced to Rae, the sun goddess was being begged by the Anyai priestesses to save them from the shadowing future ahead of them. We are also introduced to Seht, the God Zisscor, who wants to use these events to his own advantage. Seht and Rae are working for diffent goals. Eventually, Dr. Erlenmeyer is kidnapped, starting the official war. The Kirui species is introduced (one for each side of the war initially).  At wars end, Sprites are once again the winners, Dr. Erlenmeyer is released, Pandoria regains health and all is well.

2013 (July 11th - August 24th)
This year we met 3 new characters, Pinny, Lycoris and Adam.
Lycoris and Adam were pitted against one another by their chosen teams, while poor Pinny, a flightless skillow, simply wanted to fly.
During this war this year, members had to gather items to help their own teams build points, against the other team. (Imps, NM Pals, Sprites, Pommes)
Lycoris eventually became ill and Adam, and his new pal Jimmy, travel to King Blithe for a cure.
When Adam returns to Lycoris with her cure, they realize, there is more to them, as a couple, than rivalry.
Following this realization, there was another item drive for members. Books, Adam wanted books so he could read to Lycoris to cheer her as she healed. Pinny travels to Inferno Terrain to get one last special book for Lycoris and is almost doomed to a pit of lave. Volcan saves Pinny, and gifts him the book to rteturn with. Pandoria, always overseeing from a distance, rewards Pinny for his bravery, by making him a real Skillow, finally, a real Skillow.

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