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101 Murders

4th Anniversary Book

5 Years of Cakes

A Spark

Ace of Spades

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Ahbruis Markings

All about Donuts

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All about Misticpets (A-M)

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Banding Together

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Battle: The Basics

Beach Bunnies

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Bitten Bones

Black and White

Black Cats

BlackTusk Captains Log

Bloody Footprints

Bones of All Sorts

Book about Sand

Book Club

Book of Balance

Book of Daydreams

Book of Death

Book of Dreadful Prophecies

Book Of Haunted Weapons

Book of Inspiration

Book of Nightmares

Book of Wisdom

Book with No Words

Bound and Broken

Bound Books

Bumps in the Night

Butterfly of Evil

Butterfly of the Night Sky

Cackling Book

Caring for a Koko

Case of the Missing Items

Catty Behavior


Cheran Myths

Cheran Sticker Book

Cheran Tales

Cheran: A History

Choosing a Pet

Circus Terrors

Claytons Cookbook

Cobweb Journal

Collection of Autumn Leaves

Connect the Dots

Coral Crisis

Crazy Horror Stories


Dangerous Weapons

Dark Secrets of Misticpets

Dark Side of Makoto

Darkness Watches

Darkwood Hollow Stories

DayDream Notebook

Daydreams of a Tarinooki

Deadly Lullabies

Demonic Gourix

Demonic Gourix 2

Desert Dessert

Digging Graves

Dinosaurs Grr!

Draklaita Trilogy Vol. 1

Draklaita Trilogy Vol. 2

Draklaita Trilogy Vol. 3

Epic Cherai

Erikas Cookbook

Everything About Love

Evil Tree Book

Fairy Garden Homes

Fallen Flesh

Famous Braenon Battles

Famous Vampires

Feeding Your Izabel

Feron of the Forest

FingerPainting Basics


Flora of Darkwood

Flower Moon

Flying with the Clouds

Forest Fires

Forgotten Diary

Frayed Rainbow Book

Furious Frodrinn

Ghostly Ghosts

Ghouls Vs Ghosts

Glass of the Sun

Glitches in Time


Gold Knowledge Key

Gourix Heartbreak

Gourix Pawprints

Gourix Romance

Gourmet Pearl Recipes

Grave Book

Gross Book

Guide for a Traveler

Guide to Flowers

Guide to Wand Care

Gurahdi Mysteries

Gutting Pommekins Book

Haruba Stripes

Haunted Castles

Haunted Garden

Haunted Mansions

Haunting Tales

Healthy Snacking

Hearts Enfolded

Her Diary

Hidden Grotto

Hidden Pirate Treasures

History of Lanturnacht

History of the Pandoria Box

Hoo Flung Poo - Book

How to Battle

How to Build a Pillow Fort

How to Care For a Belragoth

How to Care for a Braenon

How to Care for a Caribyss

How to Care For a Cheran

How to Care for a Comeil

How to Care for a Draklaita

How to Care for a Frodrinn

How to Care for a Gourix

How to Care for a Gurahdi

How to Care for a Haruba

How to Care for a Jinx

How to Care for a Jumboyo

How to Care for a Kirui

How to Care for a Kohal

How to Care for a Koko

How to Care for a Kratork

How to Care for a Lirionox

How to Care for a Mandoran

How to Care for a Mericai

How to Care for a Nokwi

How to Care for a Panju

How to Care for a Phelocan

How to Care for a Quari

How to Care for a Ricket

How to Care for a Risylki

How to Care for a Skillow

How to Care for a Stignightus

How to Care for a Tarinooki

How to Care for a Vix

How to Care for a Yehxil

How to Care for a Zisscor

How to Care for a Zokuleon

How to Care For an Aetra

How to Care for an Ahbruis

How to Care for an Anya

How to Care for an Eledon

How to Care for an Emperon

How to Care for an Inarbu

How to Care for an Izabel

How to Care for an Obsideon

How to Cook for Panjus

How to Feed Your Pet

How to Form an Angry Mob

How to Scare Away Nightmares

How to Stave Off Daydreams

How to Stop Spam

In Between The Lines

Inarbu Guide to Fishing

Inferno Terrain Stories

Jack of Diamonds

Jinx Pranks

Journal of the Traveler

Journal of Volcan

Jumboyo Haircare

Kalri Recipes

King of Clubs

Koko Biography

Ladybug Mysteries

Lanturnacht Horrors

Lighthouse Legends

Lissa Journal

Maze Monsters

Merry Mericai

Mistic Chronicles

Mistic Mist

Mistical Mistica

Mistical Tome

Mistican Independence Vol 1

Mistican Independence Vol 2

Mistican Independence Vol 3

Misticpets Help Guide


Mistmas Popup Book

Monster Popup Book

Mushroom Field Guide

Mushrooms 101

Music for Beginners

Musical Gourix Book

Mysteries of Banshee Swamp

Mysteries of Dire Morana

Mysteries of Lost Mistic Mail

Mysterious Paws

Night Before Mistmas Book

Night of the Ahbruis

Nightmare Notebook

Note Reading 101

Obsideon Howl

Ostara Book

Painting Eggs

Pandoria's Box Blueprints

Party Animals A-Z

Party Pooper Book

Pet Care

Phelocan Songbook

PHP Manual

Picking Cranberries

Pirate Dictionary

Pirate Hats Through The Ages

Pirates Life For Me

Pixie Dust

Pixie Picnics

Possessed Top Hat Book

Potion Mixing

Powerful Pandoria

Preparing a Proper Feast

Purple Scout Journal

Puzzle Book

Queen of Hearts

Quest for Comeilot


Raining Cats and Dogs

Recipe for Trouble

Rock Of Ages

Sandsworm Book

Scarab Desert Survival Handbook

Scary Stories of Mistmas Past

Screaming Book

Scroll I

Scroll II

Scroll III

Scythe of Death

Secret Murders

Secrets of the Orb

Secrets of the Reef


Shell Book

Shrinking Zisscors

Skeletons in the Closet

Skillow Scroll

Skillow Song Book

So You Want to Be a Carnie

Spider Book

Starry Skies

Still Seas

Stormy Nights

Sun Rise

Swampy Tales

Symbols of the Scarab Desert

Tales from the Bayou

Tales of Lysithea

Tarinooki Paint Classes

The Amazon

The Bat Curse

The Beast

The Book of Bees

The Dazzling Vampire

The Evil Cackle

The Evil Eye

The Forest Octopus Friend

The Fright before Mistmas

The Lazy Panju

The Lonely Starfish

The Missing Cookie!

The Rainy Day Book

The Spirit of Giving

The White Eledon

Thunder and Lightning

To Be a Fox

Tracking Obsideons

Travel Map of the Traveler

Tribal Drumming Guide for Dummies

Trick or Trotting

Ultimate Table Book


Volcan Storybook

Wanted Arsonists

Web of Lies

Web Tales

What Lurks in the Swamp

What Lurks Under the Bed

White Lines of a Black Heart

Who Ate the Carrot?

Who Killed The Cookie?

Wolf Moon

Yehxil Storybook

Znakes on a Boat

Zodiac Guide and Scope

Zombie Family Tree

Zombie Stories

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