Medal of Requirements

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What is a Medallion of Requirements used for?

The MoR is the item you need to create one
of the pets found in the Jumboyo Village.

How can I get this Medallion?

To get this 1 item, you will need 4 others.
(Fear, Hear, See, Speak ?)
When you have them all gathered
together, combined,they make one.

Tatenda has asked me for some strange things.
What does it all mean?

Tatenda is one to play games, and games they are.
We cannot give direct answers.
(because shes scary, did you see her, really?)
But, we will offer some clues we hope may prove helpful.

- You have known two of Misticas seasons and have come
of age. You have shown true patience!

How old are .. you .. here?

- You put yourself out there and participated in several discussions.
How very brave!

To get this one, you need to put yourself .. out there.
Participate a bit?

- You have several tokens as proof of your hard work and achievements.
How very industrious!

To get these, here, you dont have to be good at sports.
Collecting things can be a huge help!

- Show your wisdom; outsmart a quiz giver more than thrice.

Quiz you say? This should be fun, where would I play such
.. games?

- You must be determined and focused for the last task. Collect
four objects and make them one to thwart ignorance once and for all.

4 little monkeys sitting on a log .. Oh wait, they arent sitting on
a log, they look almost, petrified, but not afraid.

- To make Medallion of Requirements, your final step
Have all four totems (or, petrified monkeys, :P)
Go find King Blithe (Brrrrr)
You must combine four, to get one.

Can I create multiple pets with one MoR?

No you cannot. For each pet you wish to create,
you must create, or obtain, a new medallion.

I saw a Poppet for one of those pets, wont that work?

There are poppets for each of the Jumboyoy Village pets.
However, to use one, you still need to fulfill all of Tatendas
requests. (Evil one isnt she?)

I bought a Medallion of Requirements, and I am still
unable create my pet.  Why is that?

You can buy the MoR to save on the final step.
However, you still need to complete all other steps
for the Medallion to do its job.

My child is under the age of 13 and cannot post on
the site forums.
Does this mean he/she cannot own one of these pets?

The post limit for all underaged members has been
pre-set so that they are not penalyzed in any way
by their age status.