Hatchipal Hatchery

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Who is this site feature for?

Right now, this feature is for our underaged users
to allow them to participate in Hatching fun.

I am eligible to use this feature,
how do I hatch my egg?

To start the egg hatching process,
place a hatchible egg into your inventory.
From that point, go to the Hatchery

Now, choose an egg, click, and off you go! 
Happy Hatching :)

Once hatching is started,
how do I continue to mature my pal?

Once you have initiated the hatching process,
you can return to the hatchery to click your egg
every 30 minutes to further the hatching process.
(Champion members can click every 15 minutes).


I started my egg, and now I can't find it to go back :(
Where did it go?

At a later date, you will be able to display,
and click your egg right from your user profile.
Until that coding is complete, you will find a link
to the Hatchery by going to Preferences on the
left hand side bar, and then from there, to
Account Preferences.


Will members over 13 ever be able to use a Hatchery as well?

Yes! There is now an item to allow those members to
hatch off the forums, as well as the hatching on forums.

To do this, you need to purchase a Mistical Nest. This
item can be purchased from the Credit Shop, or from
other site members.
The CS price is 50credits. Converter is 1,250,000mc.
Once the nest is activated it will allow you to hatch 10
eggs via your user profile. This also allows other members
to help you hatch your eggs.