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A bit of information about Champion Accounts

Misticpets now offers Champion Accounts. By becoming a champion member,
you have some added benefits to your play for a period of one month. The date
you activate your account begins your month of benefits. Example, if you activate
on the 10th of any given month, your champion benefits would end 30 days from
that date. This means you do not have to activate on the 1st of the month.
You are free to activate any time you wish, without any benefits lost. When your
account is released from Champion status, back to a regular play account, you will be sent a
mail from the staff team to let you know of the changes.

What are the benefits included when buying a 30 day Champion Dust?

- 4 Auto Pricers: An AutoPricer is an item you can use to price the items in your
shop and save you the work of manually updating. Each AP is a one time use item.
The item is also an individual item, so if you should choose not to use it, you could
sell it via trade, auction or your shop. You are also free to gift your item to a friend if
you would like to.
** AutoPricers can also be purchased in the Credit Shop individually for 20 credits each.
** If you use a 1 Year Champ Pendant, you will gain 48 Auto Pricers!


Information on how the AutoPricer Works:

 When activating an AP you will get two options to use it. You can choose:

- Use AP to set prices 1 MC point below other member shops. Though if there isn't an item in the shops the AP will automatically set the price to 0 and you must hand price that particular item


- Use AP to set items 3x the site shop purchase MC prices. This means that the 3x shop price option will allow the AP to price rarities 1-5 only. Which is Common - Super Rare site shop stock items. All other ratings will need to be hand priced.

Quest Benefits:

- Additional Quests: During your Champion activation you have the added benefit of extra quests per day, per quest system. This will help to raise your bank level, and the odds of winning rare, limited quest prizes daily.

* Traveler's Quest, BenBagz Quest, Volcan's Quest, and Music Missions normal players get 8 quests whereas Champions get 12.

* As for Dr. Erlenmeyer's Quest normal players get 10 quests and Champion supporters get 15!

Game Benefits:

- Extra plays in games!

You can play twice the number of normal games on Number Guess.
You will also gain 10 extra plays in Battling Znakes.
You will have two Tombola plays daily, instead of one.
You can pop 5 Poppets, instead of 3, in th Pop the Poppet game.
You can also visit Crunch every 30 minutes, instead of once per hour.
You will get game plays every 2 hrs, instead of every 3 in the
Percys Pantry and Raynas Rainbow games.
You will be able to "hunt" in Forest Finds every 45 minutes, rather than once per hour.
You are able to fish in Sango Reef once every 2 hours, instead of the normal 3 hour wait.
You are able to get an extra item at mining.

Daily Benefits:

- Bonus Pommes! - During your Champion account month, you can sneak an extra free
Pomme from the Pomme Tree daily. This brings you free pet food, as well as more items
for sales, or gallery collections. The options are all open.

- Itzair Ruins! With your champion account, you can dig in the Ruins every 30 minutes, vs once per hour. Remember, you can only dig as many items as you bury.

Transfer Benefits:

- Pet Transfers. While you have the champion account, you will be granted 2 extra pet transfers per month.
The extra transfers are to be used during the month of activation, or will be lost when the Champion Account expires. 

Hatching Benefits:

- While in use of your Champion Dust, you can click your module Hatchipal Egg every 15 minutes, rather than once per 30 minutes. 

Credit Shop Benefits:

- Now Champion Dust users have extra benefits in the credit shop! Users will have access to a new area where a limited stock of Pandoria Boxes, Poppets, and more will be able to be purchased.

Additional Benefits:

- Champion Member Avatar: During the month of activation, you will have the use of a special
avatar to use on the forums to show that you love and support the site.

- User status change:
During the month of activation, the user will have the title of Champion under their name while posting on the site forums. The member will also be able to hide their
online status when desired.

- Profile Medal:
Members who shows support by donating to the site and becoming a Champion
member, will have a medal placed on their user profile during membership activation.

- Champion Trophy:
Misticpets appreciates all member support and donations and would like to show their gratitude via gifting these permanent reminders in the trophy section.

- Champion Chat: Champion members now have their own private chat forum to visit one another and chat about, well, just anything within the site rules. This also has some Random Staff Hosted Games at a chance for fun prizes.

- Beta testing and Livestreams! Champion accounts also get chances to be in Beta testings for the site and also they will get to enjoy livestream events via the artists to see an item or project in progress!

- Special Champion Gift! Champions will now get a special champion item! Each month a new item will be released for champion supporters. You will get to enjoy the current month's item. Members only get the item of the month if they activate in that month. You may not get the previous month's item if that month has already passed.

What about the 7 Day CD? Are the benefits greatly different from the 30 day?

7 day benefits vs 30 day benefits. Refer to above for full detail.

- 1 Auto Pricer
- Quest benefits are equal
- Game benefits are equal
- Pomme Tree benefits are equal
- 2 extra pet transfers
(transfers must be used during activation period)
- Itzair ruins benefits are equal
- Champion Member Avatar
- User Status Change
- Profile Medal
- Champion Trophy
- NO Champion-only item

How To Become A Champion Member

To become a Champion Member, you will need to purchase Champion Dust from the Credit Shop, or
other users. This item does not stock in any other site locations. The cost of the Champion Dust is 50
site credits. Once purchased, you will have to manually activate your account to receive the Champion
benefits. This allows the user to be in full control of the activation timing. It also makes it possible to sell
or gift the Champion membership to another user, family member, or friend.
7 day Dusts are from time to time given as gifts from the site Administrators to the members. This is
the only way to obtain those, other than purchasing them from other members.