Terms and Definitions

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Below you will find a list of different terms that you may come across
on your Mistican journey.  This is like a dictionary- simply look up the
term you are interested in by first letter.


Achryli- Shopkeeper of the Art Gallery

Arielle- Shopkeeper of Cuddley Stuffies

Arnold- Shopkeeper of Village Books

Art Gallery- A shop that sells artwork for your personal gallery

Aurelius- Our shining star (literally!) who comes every Mistmas to stop Queen Boreal\'s plans


Bakr- Shopkeeper of Desert Cohorts

Bamboo Beach Resort- A place that takes care of your pets for a fee

Banshee Swamp- A mysterious bog that contains a few shops including Exotic Potions

Bayou Benni- The protagonist of the Revelry plot and quite a party character

Beanbag Bazaar- A shop that sells beanbags

Ben Baggz- Shopkeeper of Beanbag Bazaar

Bernard- Shopkeeper of Blizzard Buddies

Blithe- (see King Blithe)

Blizzard Buddies- A shop that sells cold weather pals

Blizzard\'s Realm- A snowy region home to King Blithe and a variety of shops

Boreal- (see Queen Boreal)

Box- (see Pandoria Box)

Bruno- Shopkeeper of Village Weaponry

Bryn Tor- An unexplored region of Mistica

Bud the Bum- Shopkeeper of Trash Hole


Capt\'n Jack Skillow- Mistica\'s very own pirate, he returns every September with a new loot to share

Chamber of Evil- A Lanturnacht maze filled with monsters and prizes

Charitee- Character that runs the donations office in the pound

Chronicles- Mistica\'s monthly newlsetter full of puzzles and atricles

Clayton- Shopkeeper of Spooky Creations

Creppy Critters- A shop that sells unusual pals

Cuddley Stuffies- A plushie shop

Cursed Weaponry- A battle shop that sells both weapons and defense items


Daedal- Shopkeeper of Knotty Nook

Darkwood Hollow- A large forest home to a number of shops and dailies including the Pomme Tree

Defense Arms- A shop that sells armour and other protection devices

Desert Cohorts- A shop that sells Ravi-Sorin and desert-themed pals

Diamond Glacier Domain- An unexplored region of Mistica

Dire Morana- A desolate region on the outskirts of Darkwood Hollow


Elenyona- Shopkeeper of Exotic Potions

Erika- Shopkeeper of Village Bakery

Europa the Blue- A planet that orbits Mistica

Exotic Potions- A shop that sells potions and soaps


Flaming Treats- A shop that sells hot and spicy foods

Flashy Fashion- A clothing shop

Forest Misticpals- A shop that sells Darkwood Hollow and forest-themed pals

Forlon Isle- An unexplored region of Mistica

Freezy Treats- A shop that sells ice cream and other cold foods

Frost Bite Mountain- An unexplored region of Mistica


Golden Temple- An unexplored region of Mistica

Gordon- Shopkeeper of Mistica Cuisine

Grunt (and Snork)- Shopkeeper(s) of Cursed Weaponry


Hatchery- The feature that allows you to hatch Hatchipals on your profile

Hatchipal- A pal that hatches from an egg via the forums or the Hatchery

Haunted Library- A shop that sells spooky books

Healthy Foods- A shop that sells nutritional foods

Himilia the Red- A planet that orbits Mistica

Holiday Shop- A shop that sells year-round holiday items and plot goodies


Inferno Terrain- A volcanic region near Dire Morana home to many shops including Flaming Treats

Infestation- The annual February attack of the lovebugs and cooties

Itzair Ruins- A place to dig up and bury items


Jasper- This troublesome jinx is the owner of Jasper\'s Circus and his annual Lanturnacht Shop

Jasper\'s Circus- A seasonal circus run by the notorious Jasper

Jeremy- Shopkeeper of Plushie Domain

Jumboyo Village- A strange little town home to the monkey-like pets that imhabit Mistica


Kandie- Shopkeeper of Sweets R Us

Keilly- Shopkeeper of Keilly\'s Kafe

Keilly\'s Kafe- A shop that sells cafe foods

Kelpie Fortress- An unexplored region of Mistica

Kelpie River- An unexplored region of Mistica

King Blithe- A jolly inarbu who is king of Blizzard\'s Realm, also in charge of alchemy

King Mephitic- King of the Imps

Kingdom Village- A small village just outside of Mistica Kingdom home to many small shops

Klareis City- An unexplored region of Mistica

Knotty Nook- A shop that sells talismans

Kyro- Shopkeeper of Flaming Treats


Lake Auberon- An unexplored region of Mistica

Lance- Shopkeeper of Flashy Fashion

Lanturnacht- An October holiday full of spooky pets and candy

Lighthouse- The lighthouse near Darkwood Hollow also home to Lighthouse Nicknacks

Lighthouse Nicknacks- A shop that sells ocean-related items

Lissa- Shopkeeper of Haunted Library

Loyalty Points- Points from donating specific items to Charitee

LP- (see Loyalty Points)

Lysithea the Broken- A planet that orbits Mistica


Makoto- Shopkeeper of Lighthouse Nicknacks and notorious trickster

Maury- Shopkeeper of the Post Office

MC- (see Mistic Cash)

Meadow of the Shores- An unexplored region of Mistica

Medallion of Requirements- This special item helps you get a Jumboyo Village pet

MeriKlaus- A Mistmas character known for her annual shop of tree decorations and gift wrappings

Metropolis Quarry- An unexplored region of Mistica

Mistic Cash- The main currency on Mistic most commonly referred to as MC

Mistic Points- The currency of the Credit Shop most commonly referred to as MP

Mistica Cuisine- A shop that sells gourmet foods

Mistica Kingdom- An unxplored region of Mistica

Mistical Nest- The item that activates the Hatchery

Mistmas- A December holiday full of presents and good cheer, even if Queen Boreal does try to ruin it

MP- (see Mistic Points)



Officer Coppa- A character that comes around once in a while to release apocalyptic pets and remind us of online saftey



Pandoria- The goddess of Mistica as well as the shopkeeper of Pandoria\'s Chambers

Pandoria Box- These pet color changes are infused with Pandoria\'s magic and are usually called Boxes

Pandoria\'s Chambers- A shop that sells Pandoria-themed items and hatchipals

PB- (see Pandoria Box)

Plushie Domain- A plushie shop

Pomme- An exotic food that comes from the Pomme Tree

Pomme Tree- A tree that gives out a free pomme once a day

Post Office- A shop that sells mail stationary

Prince Arman- Prince of the Sprites

Princess Aislin- Princess of the Sprites


Queen Boreal- The evil ice queen who is always looking to spoil our Mistmas fun


Ravi-Sorin- A desert town filled with a variety of dailies and shops

Raziela- An unexplored region of Mistica

Referral Points- Points gained from referrals

Revelry- Mistica\'s version of Mardi Gras, this is an annual spring plot

Rordon Village- A small coastal village known for its annual infestation of znakes

Rosebud- Shopkeeper of Holiday Shop

Rougarou- The antagonist of the Revelry plot

RP- (see Referral Points)


Sableau- An unexplored region of Mistica

Sango Reef- An unexplored region of Mistica

Scarab Desert- An unexplored region of Mistica

Scarab Oasis- An unexplored region of Mistica

Sebastion- Shopkeeper of Freezy Treats

Seneca Town- An unexplored region of Mistica

Serge- Shopkeeper of Defense Arms

Sizzling Decor- A shop that sells interior decorating supplies

Spooky Creations- A shop that sells creepy foods and other oddities

Sprite & Imp War- An annual plot that consists of the Sprites and Imps attempting to outdo eachother yet again

Strange Traveller- A mysterious quest character also known as the Traveller

Sunny- Shopkeeper of Healthy Foods

Sweets R Us- A candy shop


Tara- Shopkeeper of Toy Factory

Teshia- Shopkeeper of Sizzling Decor

Tormic- Shopkeeper of Forest Misticpals and a minor character in the Sprite & Imp Wars

Toy Factory- A toy shop

Trash Hole- A shop that sells trash-themed items

Traveller- (see Strange Traveller)



Village Bakery- A shop that sells baked goods

Village Books- A regular book shop

Village Weaponry- A shop that sells weapons

Volcan- A short-tempered quest character that resides in the Inferno Terrain


Whacking Day- An annual spring holiday when the citizens of Mistica catch znakes

Woods of Ages- An unexplored region of Mistica




Zaffy- Shopkeeper of Creepy Critters