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What is a visual?

A visual is a site layout.  When you activate a visual, the
option to use that layout will appear in your preferences.

Where can I get visuals?

Visuals are usually released with site events.  All the
pet-themed visuals (ie Ahbruis, Belragoth, etc) are
released during the day for that pet.  Pet days are random,
but will always be announced in the news.  Plot-themed
visuals are released during the plot they are related with. 
You can also buy visuals from another member at any time.

There are also visuals that are sold by Feron as magical blossoms. 
She sells all the basic pet colors (northern, albino, swamp, etc). 
Feron is a hidden location.  If you do not know where she is, try
searching in a forested area.  If you need help, you are welcome
to ask your fellow members for hints only.

Is there a place that I can preview visuals?  If so, where is it?

You can preview visuals on the HelpSite. 
They are listed in the \"Bookmarks\" bar. 
Clicking on one will change the theme of
the HelpSite.

How and where can I change my current layout?

You can change your layout by going to

Preferences > Account Settings > Layout

and choosing from the drop menu.  If you do not see a
layout in your list, that means you have to get a visual
and activate it. 
Activating a visual in your inventory will not
automatically change the site layout.

When are new visuals released?

Visuals are ususally released with plots or pet days. 
Whenever one is released, it will be included in a
news post as long with a hint about its location.

I have an idea for a visual.  Where can I suggest it?

Mistica visuals are usually related to site themes, plots, etc. 
However, if you think of one that you think we might not have
thought of, please feel to suggest it in the Suggestions Forum. 
Please keep in mind that we have not released all our visuals yet.