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What is a collection?

A collection is a group of like-items that you can collect
to get a trophy.  A list of them can be found by copying
and pasting the following URL


How exactly do I get the trophy?

Simply by obtaining all the items in a collection
will get the trophy awarded to you.

How can I tell which items I have?

You can view which items you have in a given collection
by following the link above and clicking on the collection
that you want to know about.  The items that you have
appear faded while the ones that you still need to find are not.

Where on my account do items need to be for
them to be considered part of my collection?

The items can be anywhere on your account except shop,
trades, or auctions.  Additionally, he items do not have to
be together to be counted.

I have a completed collection, but not a trophy. 
What is going on?

Trophies are awarded at 3 am Mistic Time every morning,
regardless of what time in the day you complete your collection. 
If you still do not have your trophy after that time, you may
want to make sure that you have all the items.

What happens when a new item is released and is
added to the collection?

In order to keep your trophy, you must obtain this new item
as well.  If you do not obtain the item by 3 am Mistic Time,
your trophy will disappear, but once you get the item, it will return.

What happens if I want to trade/auction/sell/gift some
of the items in a collection?

You must have all the items on your account to keep the trophy.
Removing one or more items will cause you to loose your trophy.

What if I have a collection of items not listed under collections? 
Can I get a trophy for those?

You are welcome to collect whatever you would like. 
However, you can only get trophies for the collections listed.

I have an idea for a collection.  Where can I suggest it?

You can suggest collections in the Suggestions Forum. 
If you have an underaged account, you are welcome to
contact one of the staff with your suggestion.

When are new collections released?

New collections are released randomly, but are always
announced in the news, so make sure that you keep watch!

How can I allow other people to view my collections?

You can let other people see your collections by placing
the items in your gallery.

I want to gift people some items for a collection they are working on. 
Is there a place that I can view what items that they need?

The best way to do this would be to check their wishlist. 
You can also look in their gallery to see if they are displaying
their collection items there to see what is missing. 
Or, you could ask them what items they are looking for.