Avatar Guide

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What is an avatar?

An avatar is an icon that displays under your username in the forums.

Can I upload my own avatar?

No, you cannot. 
However, there is a wide variety of avatars to choose from.

Where can I change my avatar/view the avatars that I have?

You can change and view your avatars by going to:
Preferences --> Forum Settings --> Avatar

I noticed that some people have their avatar count
displayed on their profile.  How can I put mine there as well?

You can display your avatar count by following the steps below.
Preferences ---> Profile Setup ---> User Info
Where it says “Display Avatars?” check “Yes”.

Where can I view all the current avatars?

You can view all the current avatars here:

They are categorized by how they are obtained.

I am having trouble finding some avatars. 
Are there hints available?

Yes, there are.  Go to the URL from the previous question
and click on the name of the avatar you are having trouble
with.  If a hint is available, it will be on that page.

Someone asked me for help finding an avatar. 
How much help can I give?

Giving small hints are fine, but please do not disclose
the exact way to get a hidden or earned  avatar.

What is a Credit Shop avatar and how much do they cost?

Credit Shop avatars stock in the credit shop.  They usually
cost between 15 - 50 mp.  After you buy one, it appears in
your inventory as an item.  You have to activate it to place
it in your avatar list.  You can activate it from your inventory
by clicking on it and selecting that option from the scroll box.
Because these avatars appear as items, you also have the
option of gifting or selling them to other members.

What is a Default avatar?

Default avatars are avatars that have been awarded
to you automatically.  You do not have to do anything
to get them.  When a new default avatar is released,
it will be added to your list.

What is an Earned avatar?

An earned avatar is an avatar that you obtain from completing
something on the site such as feeding your pet a certain item.

What is a Hidden avatar?

A hidden avatar is an avatar hidden somewhere on the
site and can be obtained by visiting certain areas.

What is a Random Event avatar?

A random event avatar can be obtained from a random event. 
However, these events are not always in circulation and when
they are they are usually super rare.

What is a Retired avatar?

A retired avatar is an avatar that is not available at this time. 
Some of them may be available in the future.

What is a Seasonal/Special Event avatar?

A seasonal or special event avatar is available for certain
times of the year or are awarded after a major plot.

What is a Staff Avatar?

A staff avatar is an avatar available for staff use only.