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I hear members talking about pets \"Traits\".
What are those eaxctly?

Traits are the pieces of description you feel best suit your pet.
By using the Traits system, you can make all of your pets have
a bit more of an individual. This will help visitors understand more
about who your pet is and how it lives its life.
This truly helps to make each of your pets its \"own\".

How do I give these Traits to my pets?

During the pet creation you can choose the pets original Traits.
You will have an option of 3 per pets, and can mix and match until it fits perfectly.
If you have adopted a pet that has no Traits assigned you can go and apply the first set for free.
(this can be found in the pets profile editing, since some are hidden, you will want to check).
The options are in 3 drop down lists. all of the lists are identical.
This allows you to arrange them in the order you feel is best.


I have already given my pet its Traits,
(or adopted a pet already having them assigned)
and want to change them. How does that work?

If your pet already has set traits and description, and as it evolves,
you feel some changes are needed, this option is available.
To do this, you need to return to the Mesmerizer.
To change the set Traits, be prepared to pay the price.
She will ask you for 2,000mc for the updates requested.


Umm, excuse me, how do I find the Mesmerizer?

Ah, she is an illusive creature isn't she?
Hide in her own mist all she wants,
we know where she is.

Prepare to be brainwashed!
( http://www.misticpets.com/pet_brainwash.php )

I would like to hide my pets Traits,
I can't see those of a pet I have adopted.
How do I find them?

> Pet Profile
>> Edit Pet
>>> Pet Info