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The New Quest Guide
Written By Caustic

With the introduction of variables in the rewards of the Traveler and Volcan quests, it's a bit trickier to make a good profit from them. Here, I've listed a few tricks that I've found useful to keep my profits high and losses low to zero.

The Payouts:
First you should know the basic rewards: Traveler now gives 3.5-5 times the base price of an item, and Volcan 2.5-3.5 times (it should be noted that Volcan used to only give out 3x base price, so this is an improvement for him!).

Use a Calculator:
If you visit the user Kauri's profile, it has a link to an extremely useful quest reward calculator. I never do my quests without consulting this first!

Have a Shop (or at least a stash):
I can't tell you how many times I've made amazing amounts of profit from quests simply because I already had the requested item on hand. A shop is the best way to do this, because it can act as a stash for potential quest items while also making extra MC for you. Price items at a few hundred MC less than 3x their base price and you'll sell. Never, ever undercut! If the price in user shops is fair, then don't price more than 5mc below the current lowest one. All undercutting does is frustrate people trying to sell items at a fair price and lower the value of an item ridiculously quickly.

If you don't want to deal with a shop, then just stock up on potential quest items. I recommend beanbags, plushies, clothing and furniture.

Now that you know the basic rewards and have your calculator handy, it's time to start actually doing the quests, while keeping a few things in mind.

Loss < Reward:
I never accept a quest if there's a chance that the loss will be greater than the reward. For example, the Noir Aetra Plushie costs 4,000mc at Cuddly Stuffies, so Traveler will give a reward of 14,000-20,000mc for it. If I see it in the user shops for 18,000mc, I'm not going to buy it, because the loss (4,000mc) is greater than the potential gain (2,000mc). In this case it's just not worth it and I would give up on the quest. However, if it's in the user shops for 15,000mc, I would take the chance because the loss is so much less than the potential gain.

Check Everywhere:
If you accept a quest, look everywhere for the item, not just user or Mistic shops! Check your safebox and shop; you never know what little treasures you've stashed away and forgotten about. Even if you find the item in Mistic shops for the base price, always check user shops as well, as I've found that sometimes (rarely, but it happens) it's cheaper in user shops.

Finish Quickly:
Reward plummets the longer you take to complete a quest, so I don't recommend waiting around for a shop to restock, especially since the restock times are random now. If it's a common or uncommon item that actually has a chance of showing up quickly, don't wait more than two minutes for the shop to restock. After that, if it's not there, go to the user shops or just give up on the quest.

Give Up On and Report "Special" Rarity Items:
If an item with a rarity of "special" is ever requested, give up immediately and report it! You will not get much of a reward at all and those items aren't supposed to be asked for anyway, so report them via a support ticket (don't post on the forums, as it'll take a lot longer for staff to find and fix the problem!). To do this just click the "Support" button, found on the bottom of every page.

Visit the Resort - Afterwards!
Bamboo Beach can reset your Volcan or Traveler quests whenever you click "Quick Visit", and this can be very useful for making more MC. However, do not visit Bamboo Beach until all of your quests have been completed! This is because quests are reset, not added to, so if you've done three Traveler quests and the resort resets them, you're put back to your regular 10 (15 for champion accounts), not 17.

I hope these tips and tricks help you make some good profit. Remember that some quest days will be bad (today, for example, I only made about 30k total!) and some will leave you kissing Traveler's feet - just keep at it, do them every day, and you'll be able to afford that Pandoria Box in no time!

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