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Gardening, what is it all about?

So you want to jump in and participate in the plot but aren't sure about the gardens and how to get started?  This is the perfect place for you!

First off, you'll want to be well supplied and ready to garden. Let's talk about the Garden Shop and the tools you'll need for Gardening!

Garden Shop:
Linked in the news for now, there will be a more permanent place for it soon. You can bookmark it for easy reference!

Once there, you'll want to get a set (Or MORE) of Royal Gardening Tools:

And Seeds!

These will grow into amazingly gorgeous blooms and food. 
Now you need to put all your items into your Greenhouse! 
You can find this by heading to your inventory;

Choose Quickstock;
Then choose Greenhouse
Quickstock your seeds/tools/etc and you are ready!

So now you are ready to garden? 

Let's head to the Royal Gardens!!

You'll see that you have a beginning garden with 3 plots!
Garden DryGarden DryGarden Dry

You will need to rake (or hoe) your garden, and use fertilizer to get it ready for planting. Mouse over your plot and you will see your tools, when you click it will let you know that the action has been done.

It may also tell you that your item broke, or that you found someting in the soil!***  Once you've completed both actions, your plots will look like this!
Garden readyGarden readyGarden ready

Now you will be ready to seed your garden. Click your plot and you will be taken to your greenhouse store of seeds. Select the seeds you wish to plant and once you fill them in, your plots will now look like this:
Seeds 1Seeds 1Seeds 1

Now comes the important part. You will be able to water your plants/flowers every 30 mins.  Depending on how well you do this task, at the end of the growing period, you may havest one or more flowers!

Plant growing times vary. The plants have 3 groups:
2 Hours
4 Hours
6 Hours

We'll let you know the group of beginning flowers to get you started, they are: 
Morning Glory/Night Glory
Daisy/Velvet Daisy
Daffodil/Ebony Daffodil

The others are medium and hard difficulty and should add some more fun to the process!**

**You do not have to be here every 30 mins, there are two levels to every flower in regards to watering that will affect your crops. Some flowers may need one time watering, while others may need more within that time period. Heavily involved members may be awarded with extra blooms for diligent watering.

Check out my finished garden!

Hope you enjoy the gardens Mistica. 


-Want a permanent way to get to the Royal Gardens? For now, take the path in Kingdom Village!  (Bottom path, towards the bottom of the screen)

 ***- Regarding finding items in the soil. You can find exclusive Gardening MisticPals while you grub in the dirt!  There are many more to find/collect!

Enjoy and have FUN!

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