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Mistmas is Mistica's annual winter celebration.  It mirrors Christmas in the fabled real world, but has no religious implications.  The main concept of Mistmas is to give gifts and have community spirit.


The Mistmas items are all winter-themed.  They range from boreal to wintergala to wintergreen to jolly old King Blithe.  There are also presents that you can send gifts in, but are not actual items.  Here are some examples of Mistmas Items:

(Mistmas Popup Book, Yuletide Spirit Stocking, Gold Holiday Ornament, Queen Boreal Ring, Dala Mericai)

-Pet Species-

Mistmas is also the only holiday to have it's own pet species.  Kohal are the slaves of Queen Boreal and every year she releases a few to wander into the cold alone.  Fortunately, many are rescued by faithful Misticans who take them in to their families.  Unlike other pets, Kohal cannot be boxed because Pandoria's magic does not affect them.  Here are some kohals:

(Nocturnal Kohal, Northern Kohal)

-Pet Themes-

Mistmas is the only holiday to have four unique pet themes.  They are as follows: (More can be found on the HelpSite)

Wintercursed (Boreal) Pets

(Wintercursed Lirionox, Wintercursed Stignightus)

Frost Pets

(Frost Belragoth, Frost Ahbruis)

Wintergala Pets

(Wintergala Kratork, Wintergala Obsideon)

Wintergreen Pets

(Wintergreen Comeil, Wintergreen Jinx)


Queen Boreal
This antagonist is the ruler of the Diamond Glacier Domain.  Her one goal is to ruin Mistmas and won't let any Misticans get in her way.


MeriKlaus is possibly the most generous character on Mistic.  She appears every winter carrying gift wrappings and the advent calendar through the snow.


Aurelius is Mistica's star- literally.  Every year, he flies down from the sky to save us from the evil clutches of Queen Boreal.

King Blithe
This jolly character resides in the depths of Blizzard's Realm.  His specialty is alchemy items and always has new recipies for the Mistmas celebrations.

-Special Events-

Mistmas Tree
Each Mistican gets their own tree for the December celebrations.  They can be decorated using any one of the ornaments sold by MeriKlaus.  A few decorations can be found below:

(Gold Shooting Star Ornament, Winter Night Background, White Mistmas Lights)

Using any gift wrappings offered by MeriKlaus, Misticans can "wrap" items and send them to their friends to to opened Mistmas Morning.  Some wrappings can be found below:

(Snowman Mistmas Present, Blue Ornament Giftbox, Peppermint Giftbag)

Advent Calendar
Every year, MeriKlaus hosts an advent calendar for the month of December.  Each day Misticans can go there to claim their prize.  Some items that may be found are as follows:

(Mistmas Jammies, Aurelius Nutcracker, Mistmas Snowglobe)


This year was the first Mistmas and consisted of the quest for the missing yuletide spirit.  Misticans had to follow clues left by the friendly Sylk to free their friend from Queen Boreal.  This year also came with a huge release of pets and items,

In 2009, the Mistmas Trees were released as well as a variety of decorations.  However, Queen Boreal made an even more drastic attempt to stop Mistmas.  She turned every single pet into a lump of coal.  Fortunately, a mysterious star appeared in the sky.  This rainbow meteor revealed itself to be Aurelius who rescued our pets and kept Boreal at bay for another year.

Aurelius returned again in 2010, but something went dreadfully wrong.  He was kidnapped by Boreal who wiped his mind clean to prevent him from interrupting her evil plans.  Eventually, Misticans were able to rescue him by defeating King Kohal in the Battle Portal.  Meanwhile, a bunch of new pets and items were released.

This year, Queen Boreal remained rather silent at first and everyone suspected that she must be up to something. Aurelius made his return, and Misticans got to choose either Aurelius' or Boreal's side to fight from, and they were able to test out the new battle system. Queen Boreal was defeated by the end. Many new items and pet themes were released during this Mistmas season.

Mistmas is upon us and oddly Queen Boreal is sitting idly by in her castle as the carnival is starting to suspect something is up with Jasper. Meriklaus goes on with her activities with the Advent before getting a letter by King Blithe saying the Queen Boreal is up to something. Meriklaus is instantly worried but goes on with her daily activities. The next day Jasper steps forward and takes over Mistmas as Meriklaus mysteriously disappears. Mistic bands together after a few twisted carnival delights given away in the Advent by Jasper and upon the news of Gregory missing. Users find Gregory frozen stiff and defrost him with the help of Aurelius who arrived into the giant mess that was Mistmas. Queen Boreal was quite pleased the Jinx was succeeding in ‘ruining’ Mistmas this year, but her plans were short lived when Aurelius reunited Jasper with Gregory. Once again the Jinx was normal and with his helped they stormed Queen Boreal’s castle, and rescued Meriklaus. This year came to a happy conclusion with Jasper apologizing and heading back to the circus while Meriklaus finished her activities. Mistic rejoiced with tons of new items and pet themes which brought a great ending to a very eventful year.

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