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What are donations and where can I donate?

Donations are items that you donate to the pound here:

You can also access that page by going to:
Pet Pound ---> Donate

What sort of items can I donate to the pound? 
And is there a donations limit?

You may donate whatever items you would like and
there is no limit to how much or how little you donate.

What happens to the items that are donated?

The items that you donate will help poor pets
in the pound as they wait for new owners.

Can I ever get back the items that I donate? 
What if I donate something by mistake?

No, in most cases, you cannot get your item(s) back. 
However, if you donated something by accident, please feel
free to submit a support ticket to see what can be done.

What about that picture of a specific item beneath Charitee’s image?

That item is the current loyalty point item that Charitee
is requesting.  When you donate it, she automatically
rewards you with loyalty points (LP).  The item is random
and usually determined by how many are in circulation. 
However, you do not have to donate this item and you are
still free to donate other items, you just won’t get LP.

Where can I spend my Loyalty Points?

You can spend your LP at the Loyalty Shop here:

You can also access that page by going to:
Pet Pound ---> Donate ---> (Charitee’s Picture)

Are there any other rewards that I can get from donating?

Yes, there are!  By donating various amounts of items
(Loyalty or otherwise), you receive awards. 
A complete list can be found here:

You can also access that page by going to:
Help Site ---> Charitee

How can I tell how many items I have donated?

On the donations page, you can see how many items you have
donated right above the “Select / Unselect All Items” button.