Blessed Pets

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What are Blessed pets?

Blessed pets are special pets that have been "blessed" by Pandoria with an item called a Grace. Each month, Site Artists will release a two new pieces of art, utilizing existing pet themes and bases.

To go along with these Blessings, will be items onsite called Graces. Each Grace will hold the power to transform your pet to the blessing indicated by name and description. (The description will always reference the release month and year.)

These Blessings may be a combination of themes, uncommon colors, or even unique artistry.

How do you get one?

There are multiple ways to get ahold of a Grace to Bless your pet!

#1- Keep your Legacy Token
Hold on to your legacy token, for your chance for a Blessed Pet at the end of the month, if a Grace is listed as a prize.

#2- Gift with Purchase
Purchase $50+ in one transaction during the month and receive your choice of eligible Grace, provided there are enough left.
(Quantities are kept as up to date as possible right on the Buy Credits page.)
The month of your purchase decides which Blessed Orb you are eligible to receive!

#3- MC Option
Graces will be available for a very high MC purchase price onsite. To start with in December, if you are extremely lucky you will fine them in Monty's Jade Emporium. 5 of each December Grace will be available at 25 million MC. 

How will I receive my Grace to Bless my pet?

Once you have won or become eligible to receive a Grace as a bonus, you may mail Pandoria on site, and she will see to it as quick as she is able! She will need to know which Grace you would like, or your choice if you are first place winner in the raffle. She will send your Grace to you. 

Is there a limit on Blessed Pets?

This is a new feature, and we do anticipate to limit these pets to keep their exceptional quality. It has been decided that there will be a limit of 50 Blessed pets site-wide, per design, in 2016. (Blessings in November and prior will stay with their cap at 45.10 freebies, and 35 available as gift with purchase.) This includes staff, members, gifts with purchase, and free options.

There may be times clearly defined upon the release, where the amount for a Grace may be changed or increased. We anticipate these times to be mainly centered around the Mistmas holidays. 

What if I no longer want my Blessed pet?

Blessed pets are not account bound. You are welcome to adopt out or trade your pet. Like all pets, however, they may not be sold for site or real life currency. However the Grace item, prior to transforming a pet is treated like any other item and may be sold/traded/gifted for onsite items and currency such as MC or Transferable MP.

Will pet-change items work on Blessed pets?

If you no longer wish to keep your Blessed pet, you may change them using one of our site options.

** Please note that since you need to type in the name of your pet to use these changers (preventing "accidents"), Staff will not intervene if you change your mind after changing your special pet!

Species Essence: using an essence on a Blessed pet will work like usual. They will become the normal color of the species of the essence. (eg. Aetra Essence x Blessed Obsideon = Normal Aetra).

Species Poppet: to prevent abuse of poppeting from one Blessed species to another, poppets are blocked for use on these special creatures.

Toadstools: if you use a colored Toadstool on your Blessed pet, it will become that color of the species of the Blessing. (eg. Toxic Toadstool x Blessed Obsideon = Toxic Obsideon).

Pandoria Boxes: if you use a Box on your Blessed pet, it will become that theme of the species of the Blessing. (eg. Inferno Pandoria Box x Blessed Obsideon = Inferno Obsideon).

If eligible, may I gift my Blessing to someone else?

With the advent of the Graces, this situation becomes a lot easier! Once your request the Grace of your choosing, it will be an item on your account that you may treat like any other. Sell, Trade, Gift as you see fit!

Can I request a custom Blessing?

No, we will not be taking custom requests for these Blessed pets. As they are for the entire community, each one will be revealed and clear ways of attaining one will be included each time.

Artists and other members of Staff collaborate on different fun ideas for Blessed pets, and there will something that appeals to everybody as more are released!

Once the month is over, is that Blessed pet design retired?

Blessed pet designs will be brought back! The designs will rotate back around in time, whether by month or with special events. If you missed out on a month's special design, don't fear and check back for special sales or giveaways. We will take in account the popularity of the design, and the number on-site already. As stated above, we have a limit of 50 per design, beginning in 2016, and so only the remaining amount will be made available. There were several exceptions in 2016, without limits that were clearly stated when released for various events.