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What exactly is a Caribyss, and why is it special?

A Caribyss is a site pet, that is like no other.
You do not simply "create" this pet, and would be
very lucky to have one.

Well, you may now wonder, how do I get one?

To own a Caribyss, you have to catch one yourself.
It is a fish afterall ;)

To catch a Caribyss however, is not as simple as it may sound.
You must have the correct bait to use in the Sango Reef.
In fact, the bait itself, comes from the Reef.

In Sango Reef, you can go fishing through the day.
There are many items to catch, but the best catch of all,
is a Tasty Fish!

A Tasty Fish, once you have one, can be released back into
Sango Reef waters. Then, you  ...wait.
Check back periodically to see if your bait has tempted in a
Caribyss of your very own!

* The color in the name of your Tasty Fish, will
determine your Caribyss' initial coloring.

How long does it take for my Caribyss to arrive, or be, "caught"?

The time varies.
It would be safe to assume at least 24 hours,
however, should you hit 72 hours, and not see
your new pet, please contact a member of admin.

Is catching a Tasty Fish the only option to having this pet?

You can purchase a Tasty Fish from another member,
or a member shop, if you are lucky.
And, if someone was generous enough, you may find
one in the Ruins as well.
But, setting a Tasty Fish into the Reef is the only way
to get the Caribyss you want.

You said setting a Tasty Fish free is the only way to get a Caribyss.
Does that mean I cannot adopt one, or find one in the pound?

That is exactly what that means.
A Caribyss cannot be adopted out, or transferred to another account.
If a member should want to let go of their pet Caribyss, the only
option, is to release it back into the Sango Reef to swim away.

Can Pandoria Boxes and Toadstools be used on a Caribyss?

Yes they can.
As long as the desired color/theme has
been released on site already.