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I've heard some talk about "Jumboyo" pets. What are these?

There are four different Jumboyo pet species:
The Panju, Izabel, Jumboyo, and Koko.
These pets are only obtained through the
fulfillment of certain requirements, which you
can find out about here:


You will have to complete four of the five listed.
Members are not allowed to tell you exactly what
you must do to complete the requirements;
it's your job to figure out what the clues mean.
However, you may sometimes be allowed to
receive a little more help from others with
anything that doesn't make enough sense to you.

How many pets are allowed to each account?

Each newly created account is allowed 5 "free/courtesy" pets.
However, the number of pets each member is allowed to have, is unlimited.

How do I gain slots to add more pets to my account?

To add more pets to your account, above the original 5, you need to obtain
and activate a Pet Slot Coin.
Pet Slot Coins are available in the site Credit Shop for 50 credits each.
(Though there are periodic discount sales you will want to watch for).
You can also watch Trades, Auctions and the Advertising forums to
purchase coins from other players using MC (site earned currency) if you
are not able to use the Credit Shop.

I am trying to create a (LE) pet and I can't do it. Why not?

Some site pets are Limited Edition / Credit Shop pets.
LE Pets: Obsideon, Stignightus, Gurahdi, Jinx, Kohal.
The Obsideon, Stignightus and Gurahdi can be made on the
pet creation page for 50 MP.
On special release days, these pets can be made for free.
You will want to watch the news for those releases and have your  pet name,
gender, and color choices ready. During releases they are adopted very quickly.
The Jinx poppet can be bought in the poppet shop for 100 MP.
Credit Shop pets: Belragoth, Breanon, and Kirui.
Credit Shop pets (Poppets) can be "purchased" from the Credit
Shop at any time for
125 credits.

Any species of pet may also be adopted from other users or the pound.
You will want to watch for those opportunities as well.

How can I change my pets colors / theme?

At the time of creation you will have 13 creatable color options. In addition
to those there are multiple "box themes". If at any time you wish to change
the appearance of your pet, you have a few options to do so.
Magical Toadstools: MT's are used for the 13 optioned "normal" colors. For example,
if you adopt a "Noir" pet from the pound, but would like it to be "blush", you can buy
a "Blush Magical Toadstool" from either another members shop, trades, or auction
and change the appearance of your pet. This will NOT change your pets species. This
changes color only. 
Magical Toadstools may also be purchased in a hidden site shop called
Zany Mage Magic, hosted by a shopkeeper named Feron. To find this shop you will
have to do a little exploring. It is hidden adn members are not allowed to disclose its
Pandoria Box themes: Pets may also be changed to special themes. To activate
these effects you will need to have a Pandorias Box (PB). These boxes are sold in the
Credit Shop varying in cost from 100 credits, to 150 credits and are also subject to
random reduced sales. Again, like the Pet Slot Coins, these sales will be of limited
time and announced in the news. And, like all other items to change your pets, you
can also find these items in Auctions, Trades and via other users on the Advertising
The Baby PB now can be found as a very rare quest prize.
Plague: There is one other pet theme that is not available using either the MTs, nor the
PBs or during original creation.. That theme is Plague. The Plagued theme is obtained
through giving your pet special items. The items can be found in the shop known as "The Trash Hole".
There is a list of items, however, the item needed changes each week, so you may need to try a few different ones before you get lucky ;) You will know you have the right one when it has the "Drink Potion" option in the dropdown menu!
Essences: This will allow users to change their pets into another species,
the catch is it will be a 'normal' of that other species. Pets will not retain
their old boxes if you use an essence on them. The Essence has been
created for every pet on the site.
They are found in a hidden
shop called Zulimes VooDoo, and is hosted by Zulime herself. Once again, you will need
to do some hunting around to find her. Again, members are not allowed to share or disclose
this hidden shops location. you must find it on your own.
** ANY site item, regardless of value can also be found in user shops if you are diligent,
patient and very lucky.

Can I change my pets species?

A pet species can be very easily changed. To do this you will need an item called 
"Poppet". Poppets come in all species, excluding, Kohals. Kohals are creatable,
only during special site releases. Poppets are found in the
Credit Shop for 75 MP.
LE and Credit Shop Poppets: LE Poppets can be found in the Credit Shop for 125 MP.
Credit Shop itself. Credit Shop pets do not have site releases. You must purchase credits
to create, or used a poppet to change a current pet in order to own one of these special
And, as always, watch Trades, Auctions and the Advertising forums for user sales.
** ANY site item, regardless of value can also be found in user shops if you are diligent,
patient and very lucky.
These can change your pet from any other species into
'normal' of a different species. They are found in Zulimes VooDoo.

If I change the species of a pet that has been "themed" will I lose the theme effect?

Not if you have a poppet. If you have, for example, a Zodiac pet, and you want to poppet to a new species, your
pet will change and retain the theme. Pets that use poppets will retain their
If you use an Essence on a pet, it will change the theme of your pet back to 'Normal'.
To see the difference between Essence and Poppet, please refer to the
'Changing the Look of Your Pet'  guide under FAQ.

Can I change my pets name?

Yes you can. Pet names can be changed with the use of an item called "Pet Name Tag"
or, "PNT". The PNT sells in the Credit Shop for 50 credits, or again, you can use the Trades,
Auctions, and Advertising forum to find this item.
Use of a PNT changes the pets name only. Species and color or theme, remain unchanged. 

How can I change the order of my pets on my user profile?

To change the order of your pets on your profiles, go to the Preferences option on the left
side bar of the main site pages. From there, choose the top banner or "Account Preferences".
Once you open that section look for the Pet Order button. In that area you will see a list of all
of your pets, in current profile order.
To change the order, simply drag and drop to the order you prefer.

Is there a way to show only some of my pets and hide others?

Yes there is. To limit the number of pets visible on the profile you begin by clicking the "edit"
tab on the pet module on your user profile. Once there you will see "pet Limits" with a drop
list. From there choose the number of pets you wish to display.
Now once that is done, to get the specific pets you want shown, you may need to go back
to the last question, and renumber the pets, in the order you want them shown.
For example: If you have 12 pets, and only want 2 shown, those "2" need to be numbered
properly, in the 1st and 2nd placement on your order list.

I see that some pets have \"Traits\" listed on the top part
of their profile. How do I do that, and where do I find them?

The first set of traits given to a pet are done so for free.
If you should adopt a pet, or want to add/change a pets
pet trait or traits, at a later time that can be done as well.
However, to change a pets  trait(s) there will be a 2000mc
fee applied.
To make these changes you will need to visit our
mesmerization specialist At the following location:

( http://www.misticpets.com/pet_brainwash.php )