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I want to put an item in my gallery, but it won't show
up as an option on my drop list, why?

Most likely this is because you have not yet opeend a gallery on your account.
This must be done before items can be added.

To open your Gallery, these are the initial steps to follow:
> Preferences on the left side bar
> Click the top link option, Account Preferences.
> Click the Galleries button and follow instructions
to create your gallery.
(You can also access this area using the Gallery tab on your layout)

Once you have the Main Gallery room activated, you can then create "sub"
sections to your Gallery to make more specific collection showcases.


I have created my Gallery, how do I add items?

There are 2 methods to adding items into your gallery.
You can click the item from inventory, and you should now see an option in the drop list.
If you choose this option you will be able to then assign to specific Gallery sections.
You can also assign items into your Gallery from the Quickstock area in your inventory.
Using this option, all items would be assigned to the "Main" section of your Gallery.
You would then need to go to that area and re-assign items as needed.

I have decided to remove/re-assign an item from my Gallery, how do I do this?

To remove items from your Gallery, you need to go back to the set up are. You can
do this by using the Preferences tab again on the left, or, you can click the "Gallery"
tab on your layout. Once you have arrived at the Gallery layout, click on the NAME of
the section you need to access. From that point, you will see all items in that group
and each will have a "drop list".
From the drop lists, you can choose to place back into inventory, or, send the item to
a new Gallery placement.
You may also notice the box to the right of each item. This allows you to remove or
re-assign multiple items with one step.

Is there a way to place my Gallery items into the order I think they fit best?

Members are able to place items in the order the prefer. To do this, go back to the
Gallery set up area. (Using the Pref. link on the side, or the Gallery tab in your layout).
This time, choose the section you would like to arrange, and click the number of items
in the collection. That will take you to a page where you can place items in numerical
order for Gallery viewing.

I have decided to sell one of my Gallery sections, can I display it in my advertising?

Yes you can. To do this, you need to make a link of the specific Gallery section.
Go to the Gallery and view the page of items you want to sell. Collect that pages URL.
Making a link of that page will direct members directly to that page for viewing.

To make the link you would post the words you want members to "click" on,
such as "Here" or "View" or, "This Gallery Section".
Higlight the words desired and the link option will then appear to the left of the
smilie emoticon in your post navigation. Paste in the URL and continue to create
your sales ad post.